The AEP (Australian Epilepsy Project) began as a proof-of-concept pilot study aimed at improving outcomes for people living with epilepsy.

Up to a quarter of a million people in Australia live with epilepsy - a condition that severely impacts a person's quality of life, from health, safety and independence through to employment limitations and poor mental health outcomes.

Epilepsy is the second most burdensome neurological condition after dementia and is estimated to cost $12.3 billion* a year in public healthcare.

Across the lifetime of Australians currently living with epilepsy, if an additional 10% of people were to live seizure free, it would equate to 1,600 less deaths, 8,000 fewer Years of Life Lost, 35,000 Productivity Adjusted Life Years gained and 95,000 Quality Adjusted Life Years gained.

The individual and societal need is evident: to create lifelong solutions for this lifelong disorder.

Improving the lives of people living with epilepsy

The AEP platform will provide benefits to each person with epilepsy from day one.

Through advanced testing (imaging, cognition and genetics) and through the use of Artificial Intelligence to create precision diagnosis, the AEP aims to break down treatment silos, create advanced diagnostic tools and reduce the uncertainty that characterises epilepsy care today.

Currently a five-year study, the AEP will evolve to become a health platform that will transform the delivery of health care in epilepsy, with the potential for application across other brain health conditions.

A network roll out of AEP hubs has already begun and will continue across Australia to enable participants access to the best diagnostic testing, alongside our at-home testing.

Today we are recruiting participants to the study via clinician referrals.


“I want every Australian living with epilepsy to be free from seizures. This is my life’s work. The AEP team will make this a reality”

Prof. Graeme Jackson, Chief Investigator

*Deloitte, The economic burden of epilepsy in Australia 2019-20