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At the Australian Epilepsy Project we are on a mission to change the lives of people living with epilepsy. As our five-year study progresses, there will be multiple ways you can get involved.

If you are an Australian and have been newly diagnosed, experienced your first unprovoked seizure or have pharmacoresistant focal epilepsy, speak to your neurologist to get a referral to the AEP. More information on being part of the study can be found on our Participants page.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to be part of our control group. A control group is a vital part of the study as it provides a point of comparison and helps determine the efficacy of the study.

If you are a clinician, you can refer your patient into the AEP. You will receive access to the AEP portal where you can download your AEP report - a clinical decision support tool to guide diagnostic and treatment decisions.

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