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Help us make a difference to the lives of people with epilepsy.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to become part of the AEP Control Group - a critical component of any research study as it allows us to establish an independent variable in our data.

AEP control group participants can be friends or family of people who are currently living with epilepsy, or interested members of the public who may have no experience of epilepsy but want to contribute to the advancement of science and medical research.

What tests will I do?

Control group volunteers undergo the same tests as participants who have epilepsy with the exception of a genetics test.

The testing comprises:

  • A neuropsychology test which can be done online and takes up to two hours.
    During this time you will complete tasks that evaluate your thinking skills such as your attention, memory and problem solving.
  • An MRI scan which takes up to 90 mins during which time you will asked to respond to visual stimuli including recognising rhyming words and patterns, watch snippets of movies and complete memory tasks. 

“I found the whole testing process fascinating. I was anticipating some claustrophobia in the MRI – but didn’t experience any. The whole AEP team made the process easy” – Control Group Volunteer

Data from the control group and from our participants (people with epilepsy who have been referred by their clinician) will help improve our AI capability, improve our reporting to referring clinicians and fast-track a pathway to seizure management for epilepsy patients.

Being part of a research study can provide a sense of fulfilment and empowerment by knowing you are contributing to a greater cause. So if you are interested in making a positive impact on the world and contributing to scientific progress, you can sign up to be a volunteer at the AEP today.

Simply fill in your details and a member from the AEP team will get in touch to discuss your participation.

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