Welcome to the AEP Team

Since funding was announced in January 2021, we have been busy building the AEP Central team.  Below are the brief bio’s of 4 new team members. Welcome Marty, Jodie, Laura and Bahman to the AEP family.  


Marty Bryant – Research Assistant

Marty is a research assistant in the Epilepsy Imaging Group at the Florey. Having retrained in psychology, with honours in neuroscience, his experience in electroencephalography (EEG) and brain imaging is further complemented by his previous experience as a biological scientist, including a strong interest in ecological and network perspectives on brain science. He works on several translational projects, including the ‘AFFECT’ clinical trial, which uses simultaneous EEG and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) for better targeting of Epilepsy surgery. 


Jodie Chapman – Neuropsychology Research Assistant

Jodie is a Neuropsychology Research Assistant who works in the Epilepsy Cognition Laboratory at The Florey. Jodie completed her doctoral training in clinical neuropsychology at Monash University in 2019. In this degree, her research focused on the use of telehealth in neuropsychology. After this she worked as a Research Fellow at Monash University on a rural health project evaluating the availability and capability of rehabilitation services in non-metropolitan Victoria. Jodie joined The Florey mid-2021. She also works part-time as a Lecturer in Psychology at the Australian Catholic University. She has a particular interest in the use of telehealth methods to assess cognitive function. 


Laura Stevens – Research Assistant 


Laura is a research assistant in the neuroimaging team within the Epilepsy Research Group at the Florey. She recently completed an honours degree in Psychological Science at La Trobe University. Combining her background in psychology and neuroscience research, she is interested in the mechanisms that underlie neurological conditions such as epilepsy. 



Bahman Tahayori – Senior Research Scientist 

Bahman is a senior research scientist with an engineering background working with the Australian Epilepsy Project. His work focuses on Bloch equations and the use of analytical and numerical tools to design optimal excitation patterns for MRI. Bahman also has several years of experience in computational neuroscience and artificial intelligence. In 2018, he was elevated to a senior member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics (IEEE).

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